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Army promotion boards include at least three voting members and one nonvoting member (the recorder). The President of the Board is typically the unit Command Sergeant Major. If not possible, then the President can be a Sergeant Major (E-9) or a Commissioned Officer. All members of the board must be at least one grade senior to those being considered for promotion. Don’t forget to check our Latest Uploads page where we add all our uncategorized classes.Recently Submitted

Semi centralized Promotions (E-5 and E-6)

In this process means the unit plays a part in the promotion selection process, but the Army decides who actually gets promoted. There are two promotion processes. The first is known as the “Primary Zone”, which most enlisted soldiers are promoted through and then there is the “Secondary Zone.” The “Secondary Zone” gives the possibility of early promotion to exceptional performers. A soldier receives promotion points for various accomplishments, such as military decorations, and Physical Fitness Test scores.