Army Training Lesson Plans

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The Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC), previously called Battle-Focused Instructor Training Course and Instructor Training Course, is a comprehensive core course that trains Active and Reserve Component instructors to deliver battle-focused training in The Army School System (TASS). The ABIC is designed for delivery in the traditional classroom setting or via distance learning.

The ABIC consists of planning, preparing, and presenting Army training. The basic method for Army instructors is previewing and presenting the task, practicing the task, and performing the task to standard during evaluation. This method is enhanced during this course by applying a variety of presentation and practice methods and training techniques. The course also addresses how instructors motivate Soldiers and solve Soldier performance problems using positive reinforcement, on-the-spot corrections, and Soldiers counseling.

The ABIC stresses standardization in format and content. The course provides the instructor with standardized references and lesson plans for presenting instruction, a Training Support Package with visuals for multi-media use, and practical exercise and presentation evaluation forms.