Sergeant’s Time Training Tutorials

The purpose of STT is to provide Soldiers with QUALITY training, which at times, is overlooked in favor of convenience. To clarify, quality STT is not found in classrooms or PowerPoint presentations; nor is it found in a brief run of “hip pocket” training. While visual aids and straight-from-the-manual resources can be useful as training supplements, they represent only a small fraction of what STT should encompass.

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To competently and effectively refine combat skills, Soldiers require much more comprehensive training. Without frequent hands-on training, many of the basic combat-related skills we use as Soldiers quickly diminish. We expect Soldiers to train as they fight, but leaders must also remember Soldiers fight on battlefields, not in classrooms and motor pools. With the largest training area in the entire Army, leaders at this installation should have no issues locating space outside company areas to train.

The transition away from unit footprints also allows STT to become a 360-degree operation. Leaders in this situation are forced to plan training with a combat mindset and determine avenues of approach, methods of travel, and weapon systems to be used. This method of implementation enables STT to become multi-faceted and offers Soldiers an opportunity to engage multiple skillsets while completing the training’s overall objective.