2018 WARRIOR TASKS – Skill Level 1

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Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills

Warrior Task and Battle Drill (WTBD) is defined as a skill taught in either Basic Combat Training or One Station Unit Training to train Soldiers how to survive in combat.

A Warrior Task is an individual Soldier skill. These particular skills are deemed critical to Soldier survival. Examples include weapons training, tactical communications, urban operations, and first aid. Battle Drills are group skills designed to teach a unit to react and survive in common combat situations.

As combat situations expand across the battlefield it is important that all Soldiers possess specific skills needed to survive. WTBD produce Soldiers who are better prepared to fight on today’s battlefield immediately upon arrival at their first unit of assignment.

Subject Area 1: Shoot/Maintain, Employ, and Engage with Assigned Weapon System:

Subject Area 2: Shoot/Employ Hand Grenades:

Subject Area 3: Move/ Perform Individual Movement Techniques:

Subject Area 4: Move/ Navigate From One Point To Another:

Subject Area 5: Move/ Move under Fire:

Subject Area 6: Communicate/ Perform Voice Communications (SITREP/SPOTREP/9-Line MEDEVAC)

Subject Area 7: Communicate/ Visual Signaling Techniques:

Subject Area 8: Survive/  React to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Attack/Hazard

Subject Area 9:  Survive/ Perform Immediate Lifesaving Measures:

Subject Area 10: Survive/ Perform Counter IED:

Subject Area 11: Survive/ Maintain Situational Awareness/Every Soldier as Sensor:

Subject Area 12: Survive/ Perform Combatives:

Subject Area 13: Adapt/ Assess and Respond to Threats (Escalation of Force):

Subject Area 14: Adapt/  Adapt to Changing Operational Environment:

Subject Area 15: Adapt/ Grow Professionally and Personally (Build Resilience):