Cold Weather Injury Training for 2019

This slide deck was prepared for adaption and local use by units/installation personnel
when conducting cold injury prevention training.

The information presented in these slides and notes sections (as posted) has been approved
by the Disease Epidemiology Program (DEP) of the U.S. Army Public Health Center (APHC)
as of February 2019. The DEP can be contacted at 410-436-9286 for technical consultation regarding cold injury prevention.

The requirement for Army Cold Weather Injury Prevention training is established by the
Army Medical Command – view the current policy memorandum (milSuite-protected)

This presentation material includes images from Defense Imagery Management Operations Center and slides from U.S. Army Safety Center.

Additional information links and resources may be obtained from APHC.

Last updated by APHC: Feb 2019 (replaces the previous version dated Apr 2016)