Composite Risk Management – Operational Level (CRMOL)

Task: Apply Composite Risk Management (CRM) to operations, training, and activities.

Condition: In a classroom, given a practical exercise, and  FM 5-19 and related publication

Standards: IAW FM 5-19 and current CRM guidance from Chief of Staff, Army and Director, Army Safety/CG, US Army Combat Readiness Center

The Army’s purpose has not changed in 230 years: To fight and win the nation’s wars!  However, the need to transform, to remain relevant and ready to meet evolving challenges, is an ever-present dynamic.  Yesterday’s tactics are typically ineffective against an adaptive enemy.

Our Cold War, garrison-based safety structure, highly successful in supporting industrial, scientific, and installation activities, does not meet the demands of our modular, forward deployed, expeditionary force engaged in a global war on terror.

The compliance paradigm of traditional safety is counterintuitive to the modern War-Fighter. Soldiers who embrace the Warrior Ethos learn to expect the unexpected, act from self confidence, and accept necessary risk. Hence, to be successful, any approach to loss prevention has to recognize that soldiering is the business of danger.