Military Mental Health Project

Being in the military is not like any other job.  For most of us, our jobs are what we do, not who we are.  We can leave work at work.  If we get drunk, bounce a check, get in a fight with our spouse or significant other, or if our kids mess up in school or get in trouble with the law, no one at work will be notified.  We can leave the area, fly or drive to where ever we want and no one at work needs to know. We can see a counselor, have a medical procedure, take medication.  No one at work needs to know nor can they find out unless we decide to tell them. If our kids go to school hungry or dirty and CPS comes knocking on our door, no one knows except the people we choose to tell…not our employers, a counselor etc.  If, on our way home from work, we want to stop for milk or cigarettes or to have dinner with a friend, we don’t have to change clothes first.  These are some of the “givens” of being in the military.