Trying to log in to your account but you are having troubles? This list of Frequently Asked Questions may help explain, and provide a solution to your problems.

I cannot log in-The number one complaint we get is login problems. First, go to Your Profile and see if you can login using your username and password. Case is sensitive, so type it exactly. Better yet since you are having troubles, cut and paste them from your welcome email we sent you.I

Got In-If you were able to login then your account is fine and there is no login problems from here. What usually causes this is that your ISP or network provider has BLOCKED access to our protected files area. You can easily access all sections of the site but the files are is sometimes blocked because of the bandwidth users consume downloading files. We see this from some Army networks, mostly in deployed regions. The only 2 options are to 1) request your network provider unblocks our site, 2) try a different network.

I Did not Get In-If that happens then you have an account problem, typically this happens when your account has not been activated or there is a system problem that we need to correct. The only two ways to get your account activated is either 1) Pay $9.99 via Paypal for an annual subscription; or 2) Upload a fresh, new class to our site. If you are sure you paid via Paypal either you used an eCheck and it will take 3-5 days to clear, or you did not finalize the payment and need to reregister. You should have an email from Paypal if you properly registered confirming registration, if you do and still cannot get in then open a Support Ticket and the administrator will fix your problem.

I do not use Paypal-If you totally hate Paypal you can make a payment with Dwolla.com by using our Dwolla ID of: 812-529-1828 or via Coinbase using Bitcon. Please note that these are MANUAL processes and could take up to 24-hours to process.

Optional Payment Processors

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I Uploaded a Class, but I still cannot get in-Please note, it takes up to 36-hours to approve each upload because it is a manual process. We have to look at each class and ensure it is fresh, updated and relevant, and does not contain any classified or FOUO content. Once you upload a class you should receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 24-hrs. That tells you we got the class okay. Not later than 48-hours after that you should be notified if it was accepted or rejected. If any of these did not happen then please hit the Help button on the right side of the screen and submit a trouble ticket.

Why was my class Rejected?-We only look for fresh, new classes that you create yourself. We do not accept other websites classes, copyrighted classes, and redundant and overly used classes. Land Navigation doesn’t change much over the years and we already have a number of good classes on Land Nav. So if you upload another Map Reading class the odds are it will be rejected. There are examples just like that, so please only upload fresh, new classes. Or pay $9.99 for immediate access.

Why Cant I Find a certain Class?-Our site is a user-driven collection of PPT Classes. If you do not see a class that is because no one has donated one yet. Though we are always scouting for new classes there are literally tens of thousands of topics that have not been covered here. If you have a class, please donate. We also monitor keywords used for searching here on PPTClasses.com to ensure we are providing you the most relevant and up-to-date classes our users expect.

How can I cancel recurring charges to my Paypal account?-You have to cancel your subscription from Paypal, they manage our payments. From your Paypal dashboard look to the bottom left of the page and find the link that says Seller preferences. Click that and find the My Automatic Payments line and click the Update link. You will get your recurring payments dashboard, look for milVetHost/PPTClasses and click Cancel or Suspend.

What kind of Classes will not be Posted here?-Below are some of the classes we see people searching for that we do not intend to post classes, due to the safety of our troops.I mean think about it, do you want to see some of these topics included here as “how-to” guides or explaining those capabilities of US forces in detail and on the web and available for just anybody to download? I am sure you agree. But if you think you may have a sanitized candidate to upload, send it to us and we will review it and update the list.

FOB Entry Control Point (ECP)
Counter Remote Control Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED)
Electronic Warfare (CREW)
Classified material