ADP 6-22, Army Leadership and the Profession (2019)

What the field should know about the new ADP 6-22
Basic leadership doctrine remains the same
Be – Know – Do, Leadership Requirements Model
“Go-to” source on what is expected of Army leaders and how to lead
New Title – Army Leadership and the Profession, replaces ADP 6-22 (2012), ADRP 6-22 (2012), and ADRP 1 (2015)
The Army Values define the Army Ethic
Actions described for the operational context while retaining applicability to all cohorts and all situations
Easier to understand
Quotes and vignettes in text and call-out boxes
New discussions on …
Dynamics of leadership – leaders adjust what they do based on the situation, their role and own capabilities, and the capabilities of those who they lead
Following – required by sworn oaths and the authority of those appointed over them
Humility – demonstration of right balance of confidence and knowledge of limits
Workload – ways leaders mitigate stresses of high workload
Counterproductive leadership – means to fail to lead IAW Army Values and LRM competencies; observable behaviors that undermine commitment and productivity, preferred term over toxic leadership (an attribution of a style)