ARNG ACFT Overview

Army Combat Fitness Test ARNG Overview and Implementation.

Purpose: Provide a concise overview of the ARNG approach to the Army’s implementation of the ACFT


  1. Provide an overview of the ACFT
  2. Provide the ACFT current standard
  3. Provide the unit ACFT time expectations
  4. Identify ARNG support
  5. Provide an ARNG POC

BLUF: Product of the Baseline Soldier Physical Readiness Requirements Study (BSPRRS) – a scientifically validated study, which identified field-expedient physical fitness tests within the 10 components of fitness that were most predictive of performance on high physical demand (HPD) common Soldier tasks (CSTs).

All field test units will conduct 2 ACFTs and 1 APFT in FY19
1st quarter – leader training/certification, Soldier training
2nd quarter – initial ACFT
3rd quarter – record APFT
4th quarter – final ACFT

Initial allocation of ACFT equipment will be delivered in September 2018

ARNG will provide ADOS for 1 man year to each battalion

ARNG will provide an additional 2065 as required to support distributed training and testing requirements. Decision authority resides at ARNG TR.