Sergeant’s Time Training Schedule

Sergeants Time Training

Sample of a Sergeant’s Time Training Schedule

The STT requires dedicated time on the training schedule and must be planned, resourced, rehearsed, and executed with no external distracters. NCOs select specific individual, crew, and small team tasks that support the unit’s METL, based on their training assessment and platoon leader guidance. Commanders approve the selected tasks, provide the resources, allocate time to prepare, and monitor the training.

Here is a Sample Training Schedule

STT is an excellent tool in preparing our soldiers to fight and win our Nation’s wars in combat operations. Commanders should set this time aside exclusively for the NCO leadership to train their soldiers (squads, sections, crews and teams) on METL related tasks under realistic as possible conditions. In combat, it will be the first line leaders that ensure steady and precise execution by our soldiers. NCOs and their soldiers must have the confidence that their unit can accomplish essential combat skills to standard. From STT soldiers develop greater confidence in their first line leaders and those leaders gain more confidence in themselves. Sergeant’s Time Training is our best opportunity to build that leadership. Therefore, we need to use the time wisely.

About Sergeants Time Training

NCOs are the primary trainers of our soldiers. Sergeant’s Time Training (STT) affords a prime opportunity for developing our first line leaders while they gain confidence of their soldiers. Active Component commanders should institute STT as a regular part of the units training program. This will allow NCOs to train certain tasks to their soldiers in a small group environment. Tasks must crosswalk all the way to the Battalion Mission Essential Task List (METL) and commanders must direct their focus on the Quarterly Training Guidance.