site designed around Women Soldiers

February 22, 2014| pptclass


Military is the one-stop shop of free army training resources that include PowerPoint classes, DA Forms, Counseling statement examples, NCOER Comments, OPORD examples and a leader’s book example, and is now a one-of-a kind site that highlights Women in the Military.

Created by the Dan Elder, webmaster of the companion site site, he explained that he “wanted to design a web theme that a a central theme depicts women service members front and center, while demonstrating their contributions performing the mainstream activities that soldiers do.”

Using images from the Army’s own image gallery and SHARP news releases, Elder, a 26-year Army Veteran and long-time creator of online content for soldiers, explained his belief that the more we expose the predominant gender to competent and confident women in charge or doing the same things they do, the more likely we are to in their minds put women on a more equal footing.

Sexual embarrassment and abuse is not a new phenomenon in the Army, what is different is the changing attitudes. As women gain prominence, and recent highlights of some men’s abuse of power or station, no longer are attitutues or actions being chalked up just as “boys and girls being boys and girls.”

Elder said that his action is “hardly a drip in the bucket, but hopefully we see more and more generalized attitudes towards women in the military, and not reserved for isolated or ‘women only’ topics or activities.”

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