Pre-made Templates for Military Training This is where we load the freshest classes, this is where put all our latest powerpoints here so you can get our new classes right away while we figure out what to do with them.  April 2014 1973 Wounded Knee Incident, 1,036kbs 50 cal PMI, 554kb Accident Avoidance Training, 263kbs Accident investigating and reporting, 350kbs ASAP Basic UPL Course, 2,099kbs Basic ECG Interpretation, 6,263kbs Effective Army Writing Class, 701kbs Hallucinogens, Salvia, Mescaline, Khat, 1,177kbs HazMat Control Containment Confinement Operations, 661kbs HOW TO GIVE A CLASS PRESENTATION, 335kbs Identify Visual Indicators of Improvised Explosive Devices, 3,912kbs IED risk mitigation, 2,050kbs Introduction to PMCS, 7,650kbs NCO Creed NCOPD, 2,682kbs North Korea Country Brief, 379kbs OEF mine awareness, 262kbs OPORD Class, 446kbs Peer coaching techniques, 534kbs Perform Voice Commands, 315kbs Uniform Policy Leaders Training 3,987kbs Women In the Military, 2,511kbs