List of 2015 Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills

November 24, 2013 |

Over at PPTClasses they have a handy listing of the 2012 Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills, with links to powerpoint classes and/or task checklists, this is the Skill Level 1 listing by task number. This is the list in effect for 2015, it was last published in 2012 and has not been updated since. You can verify the list at the Central Army Registry in their listing of AWT SL1: Army Warrior Training (AWT) 2012 Skill Level 1 to verify the listing is current and up-to-date if you want to check their work. This is a great way to pick out a task for STT or AWT in advance, then find a corresponding powerpoint class to go along with it. Note some are protected and are best mot made available in the public even though they are a protected site, a few of those tasks we probably dont need easy access to….    read more 


August 26, 2013 |

(sung to the tune of “The Green Beret”) Requests are made from day to day; Briefings held and changes made. Graphic slides, a must they say, Power Point is the only way. Computers crash and printers stall, Overloading protocol. Network’s down and soldiers cry Briefing’s late, so heads will fly. Pin Power Point slides upon my chest, Full color slides, they look the best 100 slides were made that day but only 10 made the final display. Smiles upon the General’s face Slides were done, looked really great Was up all night really working late, Just to hear the General say …. My soldier son, your slides were great, Briefing’s done, staff’s up to date, One problem son, you took too long, So put in one more change, then go on home. So tell my Mom I done my best, Pin Power Point slides upon my chest 100 slides were…    read more