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Pre-made Templates for Military Training

This is where we load the freshest classes, these are modern classes and not the same old rehashed Land Nav class. We put all our latest powerpoints here so you can get our new classes right away while we figure out what to do with them. Bookmark this page and don’t forget to come back often.

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Apr 2015 is the archive of user-donated classes to download. Great for Sergeants Time, Warrior Task training, NCOPD or OPD. Check our 1-click Topics for our most popular subjects.


EFFECTIVE ARMY BRIEFING GUIDE (FREE). This will help you answer "collecting authoritative opinions and facts is part of which briefing preparation step" and "analyzing the audience to ascertain their anticipated…


Holidays can also be a time when mishaps occur. Hopefully, this presentation will remind you of the precautions we can all take to have a safe and happy Holiday season.


Cold Weather Injuries: Prevention, Identification, and Treatment, updated for 2019. This slide deck was prepared for adaption and local use by units/installation personnel when conducting cold injury prevention training.


The purpose of CRM is to provide a basis for making sound individual and leadership risk decisions. The ultimate goal is to prevent unnecessary loss.


Welcome to the CRM Operational Course. This course targets CRM issues and responsibilities appropriate to Commanders, Leaders, and Staff at Battalion, Brigade, and comparable Civilian organizational levels.


Provide a concise overview of the ARNG approach to the Army’s implementation of the ACFT


New discussions on … Dynamics of leadership – leaders adjust what they do based on the situation, their role and own capabilities, and the capabilities of those who they lead