New site for free Army Classes, MilitaryPPT

November 10, 2013| pptclass
Free Army Power Point Classes site screenshot

For all the hooahs we added a new site where you can easily get some common military powerpoint classes, we call it This new PowerpintRanger site will allow soldiers to surf to the site and grab a few common classes without any logins, passwords or any special features, just click on the file and download one of the .PPT classes.

We have three major categories. They are:

  • Training-Sergeants Time Training is the period dedicated each week to NCOs to train their Soldiers on individual tasks at small unit level. This time affords the opportunity for leadership to plan and execute training for junior soldiers.
  • Operations-Responsible for providing tactical and technical guidance and professional support to subordinate units. Makes recommendations to superiors in the accomplishment of their duties in support of mission accomplishment.
  • Counseling-Subordinate leader development relates directly to two leadership competencies: soldier team development, and teaching and counseling. The goal of leader development is to develop competent and confident leaders.

We also have links to Army Forms and Regulations to help you find the most used resources you will need to find, easily. The site is of course a companion to our site, the big brother to Both are perfect for all your sergeants time training and warrior tasks and battle drill classes. Should you need some templates or prep work for your upcoming class or military training, you will see these sites are helpful.

Plus, our blogs here, over at the PPTClass Blog and our free Powerpoint Powerpoint Backgrounds all will help you become better presenters.



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