Powerpoint is Evil

August 31, 2013| pptclass

20121229-evilWell, according to Wired it is. Poor Powerpoint is the office tool people love to hate. Actaull, in a survey from the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies Powerpoint was rated as #8 in the top 100 tools for learning. In the comments those who voted for Powerpoint stated:

  • “most used, most abused, most versatile (even though most don’t know how to use it well). Besides Keynote, Powerpoint is the tool”  Corinne Burkhert
  • “in it purest multimedia form of image, smooth transitions, words to nudge a thought or fire a synapse. Haven’t the bullet-point-readers have given it a bad image? It’s a super fast way to compose a picture for other places – make slide and save as jpeg” Mags Amond
  • “Slide shows for presentations are still very popular learning resources both among teachers and students. Power Point is very comprehensive although it is easy to use. I do not know better tool for making slide shows”. Vaclav Friedrich
  • “Very easy to use but with enough features to allow the creation of more elaborate learning resources”  Karl Goddard
  • “that’s my everyday tool and I am still waiting for something better” Jochen Robes
  •  ”I continue to use PowerPoint to add a visual touch to my online classes, but the real power lies in coupling PowerPoint with other tools such as SlideShare or Camtasia, adding narrative to the slide deck.”  Britt Wattwood

You gotta have a tool, if Powepoint is not your thing here are 10 5 other products that might suite you better. Check them out, According to PowToon they are:

  • PowToon
  • Prezi
  • Keynote
  • Presentit
  • Sliderocket

Funny how PowToon was number one, and they called it the top 10, but only listed 5.


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